Browser Pets

Browser Pets is a Chrome extension that adds customizable pixel art pets and a realtime chat to your browser, in order to create an entertaining browsing experience. You are able to customize your avatar/pet by creating a custom pixel art, you can customize your username that's shown to all online users and you can chat with the other users.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays is a website that lets you create a beautiful, 3D holiday card. Simply add your message and send the url to anyone!

Practice Parrot

Practice Parrot is a website that makes practicing more fun for classical musicians. Users are able to start practice sessions to practice with a color changing practice parrot, have their practice times tracked, and compete with other users to see who practiced the most.

Card Creator

Card Creator is a platform where people can create and share digital holiday cards with anyone anywhere in the world! Every holiday season, the postal service becomes inundated with mail that there are holiday shipping delays across the continent. To send holiday greetings to friends and family more reliably, people can use Card Creator!

Built with @arashnrim, @eilla1 and @pranavnt


VidNotes is a website that provides a notetaking overlay for a video, allowing you to take notes more efficiently.


uwudaily is a platform for anyone to log their daily ✨ vibes ✨. Built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and Supabase, users can create new posts to log their mood with an emoji along with a short description (with Markdown support)! Users can view the main uwudaily feed through the homepage and see a complete history of their own past posts in /log/[username].

Built with @eilla1 and @sampoder


Share all your profiles from a single link to maximize views of your social bio in just one click.


A javascript widget that makes it easy to add a comments and reactions system to your website. It's being used on this site!

Sticky Note Wall

Add sticky notes to manage your todo list, store ideas for future reference and connect with others!

Academia Central

Academia Central is a website that facilitates academic programs' outreach. It allows organizers to add their event to the website, and allows students to easily search for events that interest them.

Built with @liujonathan24.

Clear Closet

Clear Closet is a useful tool to upload, save, and search your clothes. Upload images of your clothes, get accurate tags from AI and search your closet for specific tags.

Built with @dongliu0426 and @ternarysrche