CPW Day 1

cpw day 11! sleep deprived after a red-eye flight

7:53AM: Landed at BOS! There were like 20 other bay area prefrosh on the flight 😆

9:45AM: We arrived at MIT via a shuttle bus2. Dropped off luggage and checked in at the stud.

10:10AM: Orientation in Kresge. We got water bottles, and also a warning to not drink the slip of paper inside (of course, people still did...)

11:00AM: I met my host! She took me to her room (in Burton Conner) so I could drop off my luggage.

12:00PM: I went back to the stud to sign up for UROP tours. There weren't many CS related ones, so I signed up for the Quantum Nanostructures and Nanofabrication tour.

12:30PM: Walked to East Campus for lunch and got lost along the way (my sense of direction is really poor; I got lost so many times that weekend 😅). But with the help of google maps & some other prefrosh going the same way, I eventually made it. But due to the long line, I had to leave to go to the tour before I could eat :(

1:00PM: QNN UROP lab tour! There was a small group of around 10 students; we got to see all the equipment they used and it was super cool! Unfortunately I didn't understand most of the technical details...

2:00PM: Went back to EC; the line was pretty short by then and I was able to eat :D

2:50PM: Walked to Next for ice cream! I tried making my own (with half & half, sugar, and vanilla extract in an ice and salt bag), which sort of worked but melted pretty quickly. Also got some pretty pictures of the Charles!!

The Charles River

4:00PM: Went with a group to the Simmons Paint my Room (by Numbers)3 activity. I didn't do a lot of painting; mainly wandered around Simmons, charged my phone (def regret not bringing a power bank), and also attempted to get water, got locked outside and set off alarms when trying to get back in. I can definitely say that Simmons is the most unique looking dorm -- it has SO MANY windows, curved walls, and a ball pit!?

4:50PM: I walked back to the stud as the Wide Tim merch sale was wrapping up -- wanted to get keychains but they were sold out :(

5:20PM: Met a friend I hadn't seen in like 5 years! We tried to figure out where to get dinner (most events were either too far or too late :p), and decided to go to Zeta Psi -- although it was off campus it was closer than the other choices.

6:30PM: Went to McCormick for "Spill the Tea on DEI" (we got lost and ended up at the AoPS4 event first, oops). Mostly just chatted with a few current students about McCormick! good vibes :)

7:30PM: Next dining5 + boba 🧋

8:30PM: Admitted Student Welcome. It was SO HOT in the gym 😩 Cool performances tho!

10:00PM: Python bee. I completely failed but it was really funny; the rules were kinda wack (leading to people submitting empty programs...)

11:10PM: Firehose! Saw some aperiodic monotiles and learned about drugs and alcohol (not consuming but how they work).

Aperiodic Monotiles

1:00AM: sleep


  1. oops this is more than a month late...

  2. The bus went in a loop around campus before dropping us off? And it went into a lane that specifically said no buses...

  3. there were no numbers

  4. Art origami Puzzles and Slices

  5. I didn't actually eat anything though